Humility is something you do. Don’t be humble; humble yourself.

When you receive a poor performance review or are passed over for a raise or promotion—humble yourself.
When a co-worker cuts corners, snags the deal, or takes credit for your hard work—humble yourself.
When something is taken that rightfully belongs to you—humble yourself.
When your friends betray, desert, or disappoint you—humble yourself.
When your life isn’t turning out the way you wanted—humble yourself.
When you feel crushed under the weight of a crisis or a deep, bitter disappointment—humble yourself.
When it feels so hard to love the people God has placed in your life—humble yourself.
That’s what Jesus did. Look again at John 13:4–5 and pick out the verbs. Jesus rose, laid, took, tied, poured, washed, and wiped. This wasn’t a ceremony. Hours before He went to the cross, the Lord expended energy and effort and got dirty for the sake of those He loved.

How can you show humility? Here are a few practical ways.

Ask for feedback. Ask your boss or spouse or teammate, “I want to do better. I want to be more effective. I want to be part of the solution. What can I do to improve?” Then listen.

Apologize first. Without defensiveness say, “I love you, hurt you, and made you feel things that I didn’t want you to feel. And for that, I’m very sorry.”